Project: Longline Light Strike Vehicle

The Longline (latterly know as Cobra) Light Strike Vehicle has always generated great interest from me. When I first saw one of these close up I found it hard to believe that the British Army actually used something so futuristic looking.

The LSV made its debut when rumours arose about its use by the Special Air Service in the Persian Gulf. Today it is widely accepted that what were just rumours in the early nineties were indeed facts as the SAS did indeed use the LSV`s and trained for cross border operations with them. They were never officially used during the war fighting phase however due to the vehicles load carrying limitations.

The LSV found its way into another British Army unit's inventory and were used to good effect by 24 Airmobile Brigade, the Green Howard's to be precise during Exercise Certain Shield in 1991.

The LSV can be modified to carry a number of weapons and makes an excellent weapons platform. Primary weapons the LSV was designed to carry are the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), .50 cal Machine Gun, Twin Browning Machine guns, 40mm Mk19 Grenade Launcher, 30mm ASP cannon, Milan Anti-tank and gecal .50 gun. As well as mounted weapons the LSV can carry mortar and Milan systems for dismounted use.


Re-modelling of LSV started in Blender.

I have decided for the second time to completely re-model the Light Strike Vehicle. I thought it would be a good initiation project for learning the UI and possibilities of blender.

Since my first attempt more reference shots and details have come my way and highlighted inaccuracies in my original model. At the moment I am current trying to find a happy medium poly count wise for the wheels and tyres.


Work on front suspension started

A few months have passed with me having very little time to work as much I really want to on this project. Lack of serious reference on the front and rear suspension has thrown a spanner in the works slightly.

I am now having to resort to using gathered reference pictures of the chassis the LSV is based on, this will not be completely 100% accurate as I aimed for in the start but If it means getting some progress then so be it.

The front end of the LSV is still a little messy where I have tried to build up a picture of it from various reference sources. The main problem is the many variants of the LSV make it hard to toe the line as far as accuracy is concerned.


[Last updated 9 Oct 2007]
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