Project: L85A2

This Project adds the latest Urgent Operational Requirement Combat Upgrades to the L85A2.

Upgrades Include:

• New Daniel Defence Foregrip
• Grip pod™ Downgrip
• ACOG scope and new IW-LSW Rail


Work So far...

I have posted no updates on this project so far so the model is in quite an advanced state already with not much work left to be done before texturing begins.

Like its virtual counterpart the upgrades are new in service so good reference is in short supply. However, I feel I have depicted the real thing quite accurately.

I am using the standard BI ACOG scope and magazine for uniformity in VBSx / ArmAx.


Modelling Phase Complete...

I am happy with the model in its current state. I remade the LLM as I found my first attempt was quite innacurate on closer when I came to texturing it. The latest version is much like the real thing.

I have created two versions of the foregrip, the original one which was around 1700 verts and the lower poly version which only weighs in at around 500 verts. The latter will have to rely more on textures but will free up more polys to be used elsewhere.



Texturing Started...

A quick update just to show off some images of the LLM01. I have just started work on texturing it and so far its coming along great!.



[Last updated 16 Oct 2009]
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