Project: Copehill Down FIBUA Village

Copehill Down is a UK Ministry of Defence training facility located on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. It is a 'FIBUA' (Fighting In Built Up Areas) training centre where exercises are conducted.

During my time as an Infantry soldier I spent plenty of time in this village. Based at the School of Infantry in Warminster acting as OPFOR for visiting units, Copehill Down soon became a familiar battleground. What I plan to do is bring the Village and its surrounding area into Armed Assault providing a virtual version of the real thing. Nearly all content will be made from scratch and all but only a few `out of bounds` buildings will be accesible.

This page will follow the progress I am making with the island and the object pack accompanying it.


Early shots of the BP fuel station in bulldozer and ingame.

After getting to grips with the UV side of things I feel comfortable fixing problemss with the model and re-doing the map.


Progress report on status of the sign.

The re-mapping went well, I have learned a little more aobut blenders UV interafce and suprised myself at how easy it could be to re-do the thing.

The sign imports to O2 a little large and I only roughly resized it for the screenshot. More tweaking needs doing in that department before adding it to the pack.

What I need to do now is add the relevant lod`s in O2 and get my head around how to do the normal maps etc. Once that is done I need to dirty up the sign a little to make it look like it has seen some action.


Long overdue update..

The building are progressing well. The garage and ruins are almost complete.

The ruin is up and running in-sim and only needs a few minor LoD problems fixing.


[Last updated 8 Oct 2007]
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