about ambient occlusion studios:

Mission statement

Ambient Occlusion Studios (AOS) is dedicated to bringing accurately detailed, low-poly military models to the Real Virtuality2 engine.


Some of the various work you see being developed here at AOS dates back a number of years. Below is a breif description of my past projects, some of which some will receive major attention and thier development continued.

Project: UK Forces (P:UKF)

It was during my time spent at UKF as a military advisor that I got to see behind the scenes how a development team worked. I was highly impressed with the decication the team put into what they did.

Feeling I needed to do more for the team I tried my hand at modeling and I was hooked. Shortly afterwards I was taken on as part of the UKF 2D/3D development team where I picked up tips from the more experinced members.

I couldnt do enough for UKF and was eager to have more responsiblity in the team. Unfortunatley this was lost on the administrators at the time and this eventualy led to me leaving and start my own project.

UK Sniper Project (UKSP)

I started out with my first project in mid 2004

Adamant I would not step on UKF`s toes by making more UK units, I decide to cover an aspect that would compliment thier existing work. The aim of the project was to bring a relaistic UK Sniper and all his personal equipmnet into the Real Virtuality Engine

This project got itself a small but loyal following. It was initially hosted by an advert driven free host however, MunkD soon offered me better hosting at his site OFP Central.

Although UKSP only had two releases it had about another 5 or 6 slowly progressing. The Accuracy International L96A1 sniper rifle being a most wanted amongst many people.

I closed UKSP down in December 2004 due to time and personal life (or rather lack of..)

Battlefield Terrain Development (BATDEV)

My next project came in the form of Battlefield Terrain Development (BATDEV).I started this project early in 2005.

I was looking for a project that I could spend slightly less time working on to free up time for my family. I received a tremendous amount of help from Buggs who was always there to answer my questions.

MunkD and OFP Central again came to my rescue and hosted the Site.

I realised too soon after starting BATDEV that in my opinion there was only so many islands I could make. I could throw all my tricks into one good island but then what?

Another factor that made me decide Island creation wasn't the way forward for me was the interest BATDEV generated - none!

I closed BATDEV with its first island very near completion.

Special Air Service Module (SASMOD)

SASMOD started on the 5th May 2005 and has taken over both UKSP and BATDEV projects.

It was only a month or two into BATDEV that I decided I needed a new project that I personally had a great interest and knowledge in.

I decided on a project on the British 22nd Special Air Service. There are very little British addons available for VBS1 and I feel personally that with a lot of hard work I can do the SAS justice. SASMOD was born.

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